HUANGBAISHAN National AAAA level scenic spots


Huangbaishan (Phellodendron Amurense) National Forest Park lies in the southern part of Shangcheng county in Henan Province, between east longitude 115°16′52″—115°23′5″and north latitude 31°22′44″—31°30′2″. The park is located in the northern side of Dabie Mountains and the southern bank of Huaihe River, occupying a total area of ​​134 square kilometers. The mountain abounds with phellodendron amurense, and thus gets the name “Huangbaishan” (Phellodendron Amurense).   The park lies “between Hunan Province and Henan Province” and “between Hubei Province and Anhui Province”, with forest coverage rate reaching nearly 97 percent, transitional climate characteristics from typical northern subtropical to Southern Temperate climate, average annual temperature is 15.2 ℃, average temperature 22 ℃ in hot July, average annual rainfall of 1508mm, negative oxygen ions 65,000/m3. The beauty of Huangbaishan is ever distinctively changing in four seasons, with abundant sunshine, moderate temperature, delightful climate all year around. Huangbaishan is a health resort in nature. More...


In the Park, there are green mountains, emerald stream, rushing waterfalls, flourishing bamboo .


Farm guesthouse, nestled among bamboo, scattered green water river.

Farm specialties natural green food, healthy, delicious and nutritious!

  • Little braised meat
  • Chicken dish
  • Green pepper dry duck egg
  • Dry fry meatballs
  • Moo shu pork
  • Chicken

Delicious Food

Snack Roadway:
Mall is the southeast gateway in henan province, is located in hubei, henan, and anhui provinces at the junction, is located in the dabie mountain high mountain, is a national ecological demonstration county. The special geographical position, good ecological environment, high quality food resources, heavy culture, simple folk customs, local traditional food essence and the perfect fusion of qing court dishes, created a unique food culture, form is given priority to with stew, stewed, Fried, stewed, Fried, steamed, etc a variety of cooking techniques, of unity of north and south flavor diet style.


Wild tea oil, bacon ,Days of celery, The tea, gray dish and so on.

Huang Baishan hot spots of the scenic spot

  • Introduction to Emerald Lake

    ake there are miles and miles of MAO bamboo and verdant, metasequoia, tall and ups
  • Great Valley

    Star clusters, waterfall deep pool, with. Have a drink Ma Jian, dressing tam, causeway lake, peach ...
  • Fayan Sect Temple

    Here is also integrating sightseeing, pilgrimage, leisure and recuperate the cultural leisure center.
  • Lofty Cliff Fall

    Running water pour down on the rock, such as white gauze, quiet and beautiful.